Monthly Archives: November 2011

Episode 28: Arizona Fall League Symposium

Fresh off attending the annual Arizona Fall League Symposium that Ron Shandler puts on each year, Jeff chats about some of the players he saw in action as well as the opinions offered by the panel of fantasy baseball experts who were in attendance. If you're looking for some prep material for next season's fantasy baseball draft, this podcast shouldn't be missed.

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Episode 27: Fantasy Football Preview - Week 11

Plenty of injuries last week that could mean big changes for your fantasy lineup. Let's take a look in the week 11 fantasy football preview.

Episode 26: Fantasy Football Preview - Week 10

Week 10 means the start of Thursday games for the rest of the way. Here's this week's fantasy football preview.

Episode 25: Fantasy Football Preview - Week 9

Time for our look at the week 9 fantasy football preview for 2011. Who should start and who should sit?